How to

Ok so you have stumbled across this site and want to learn HOW TO RIDE A SKATEBOARD.. Well you have come to the right place..

Step 1.

Ok get on any skateboard and just try to go along, just do whatever comes naturally ok?

Right foot first, left foot first, push with your back foot or front foot…doesn’t matter

Ok yehhaa! so you have experienced moving forward..

Oops whats that?
Oh you have fallen off!

OK this is stage one, You need to understand; Skateboarding is about falling off every single time you skate, this will be for as long as you are a skateboarder.

Can you accept that you will be falling off far more many times than you will ever being staying on?

Ok great! you can accept this, Let us continue.

Step 2

Ok so have another go at rolling down the street, try and pick a smooth piece of cement or floor surface. This makes rolling and also falling far more enjoyable.

So now you are rolling!

Do you like it?

Well it is an amazing feeling and it can last you a whole lifetime from now as long as you understand this little fact;

“Skateboarding is Difficult and Will Hurt YOU” so if you want more of this feeling, this is what you can expect..

Ok so you have been warned and want to continue that is great news. Now you are ready to learn How…watch this space this is where all the fun begins…

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